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    What's new?
    • The sources for Suji have been available on the website of Gerhard Stoll for a while by now, so it is about time we add them here too! (Sorry for the delay Gerhard!)
      Go to the SuJi page...
    • The sources for mControl could not be compiled, but thanks to Gerhard Stoll we now have the latest patches from Matthias Jaap uploaded to this website as well.
      Go to the mControl page...
    • The complement to the MyTask sources that was made on March 4 unfortunately contained the wrong copy of MyTask.h. This has now been fixed.
      Go to the MyTask page...
    • 2 header files were missing from the source release of MyTask. These files, mytask.h and av.h, are now included in the source package.
      Go to the MyTask page...
    • Sources for X-Debug by Andy Pennel has been released! X-Debug is a debugger which is aimed mostly at Lattice-C. Andy has chosen to distribute the sources and states that people are free to do what they want with them: "You can laugh at it, hack on it, do whatever you want."
    • Sources for Paula and CKBD have been released! Paula is a MOD-player and CKBD is a utility that allows for remapping of keyboard keys. The latter also included a mouse accelerator. Both of these programs were written by Pascal Fellerich who kindly has decided to share the sources of his work for anyone who is interested.
      Read about Paula...
      Read about CKBD...
    • Source for Cecile, the harddisk driver, has been released under the General Public License! The original author David Godec has kindly decided to share the source code for Cecile with the remaining Atari community. I big thanks goes to David for this great contribution. If there are questions regarding how things work internally, he will try to answer them for you.
    • The author of EditPlus, Craig Harvey, has decided to release the sources to his powerful text editor. EditPlus used to be commercial and is an incredibly nice addition to The Orphaned Projects Page! Many thanks goes to Craig for releasing them, and to Lonny Pursell for establishing contact.
    • Sources for the system utility MyTask has been released! Based on SMU (by Thomas Much), MyTask offers both a start button as well as a taskbar + more. Rafal Kawecki, who is also wellknown for his work with MyPDF and others, was the one to extend the SMU sources with taskbar and traybar capabilities.
    • Vision sources has been released! This program was once commercial, but since 1998 it has had shareware status. Now in early 2005, the author has decided to make the program available to all, including the sources. If only other authors of discontinued software would do the same!
    • CDLab has been released under the GPL license. CDlab was a project to create a tool for burning CDs on Atari.
    • Smurf is released as open source! Yes, you read it correctly - Smurf is about to be released under GPL. This is one of the most highly acclaimed pieces of software ever produced for TOS computers and thus it is with great joy I am able to spread the good news!

    Previous site news

    The abandoned Atari projects
    There are a lot of applications for the Atari set of computers that at this point all are unsupported and discontinued. I would imagine that quite a few of the original authors would be happy if someone out there with the proper coding skills had a wish to take over where they left off.

    Interested in taking over a project? On this page you will find a list of projects that are no longer developed. For some projects the sources are made available by kind authors, make sure you do read all their license documentations carefully before proceeding. If you do decide to get involved in a project, do notify us so we can add info about your activity on this page!

    Everybody can help! The wishlist is the place to send in suggestings for apps you'd like to see continued support for. Note that you do not have to be a programmer to mail in suggestions :) You can also help out by getting in touch with authors of applications on this list (or other apps) and redirect them to this page.

    The label Off the list, indicates that TOPP has faced a dead end. Either the author decided to not release the sources, or we have concluded we can't achive any results with further requests. If a program is still supported by its authors it will also end up here.

    Original authors: If you happen to be the author of any of the apps listed in the wishlist, please send a message and let us know if you would consider handing over the sources or if you prefer to keep them.
    -Even if answer is "NO, I won't release sources" it is good for the atari public to have a definitive answer. If you aim to continue development of your program, do let us know so we can update the programs status. Thank you.

    Note: If you're the author of a program found on the wishlist, it just means that somebody out there likes your program and wants to see it live on :) We will contact authors of these applications to hear your thoughts about the future but since there are quite a few on the list it may take some time to work through it.

    >>Enter the project list<<

    Email your suggestions to or use this form to contact TOPP.

    This site is hosted by Atari Users Network

    The wishlist
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  • Carrier Command *
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  • E-Backup
  • E-Copy
  • Elite2
  • Formula
  • GEM-View
  • Gemspooler
  • GEMTrade
  • GrafTool
  • GTLook
  • Image Copy
  • Interface
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  • Le Rédacteur
  • Look'n See
  • Newswatch
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  • Platon
  • Popwatch
  • Pure Pascal
  • Scanxpro
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  • NeoDesk ##
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  • OCR #
  • Protext ##
  • ST-Guide **

    * abandoned
    ** unable to contact author
    # we got contact with author
    ## still supported