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Smurf Graphics application Pure-C Therapy Serious Software
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By Therapy Seriouz Software

Smurf is one of the most impressive graphics applications available for Atari computers, but it has not had an update for a couple of years by now. The reasons for that being that the developers have been moving on to work on other projects and platforms and that some of their Atari hardware has broken down. The program used loadable modules to support the application with more graphical effects, and has had a solid reputation for being top class software - both considering the user interface as well as the professional results and the programs efficiency!

After getting in contact with the developers I was happy to hear that they too felt that it would be good if the development somehow could live on also in the future. The guys behind Therapy Seriouz Software expressed that they wanted the code to be free for anyone to download and work on, and that the GPL would be a suiteable license to release the sources under.

To achieve such goals, it seemed obvious that the FreeMiNT CVS would be an ideal place to use as host for the Smurf sources. It would make it easy to coordinate futuredevelopment and the FreeMiNT CVS is already a centre for activity in todays Atari community! Hence, Frank Naumann was contacted and he quickly agreed that Smurf would be a most welcome addition to FreeMiNT. After a few emails back and forth, things were finally settled - and recently Frank has been sent the most recent sources from Christian Eyrich. And here we are!

Smurf is coded in Pure-C and will shortly be imported to the CVS. In case a majority of interested coders are in need of compatibility with GCC it is however possible that the sources will be adapted. This is however not decided upon yet. It is not yet clear if the sources for all of the modules have been found, but we're hoping that most of the important ones will all be there. Expect more information on this later on. In any case Smurf is not an orphan - with this approach you could say it has been adopted by the whole Atari community.

A link to the Smurf section on FreeMiNT CVS will be added as soon as the sources have been imported!

Finally, I would like to say thanks to Dale Russel, Olaf Piesche and Christian Eyrich for releasing the sources of their excellent application. It is an outstadning contribution and my firm belief is that it will benefit the remaining Atari community greatly! Linux fans may have their GIMP - But now Atari has its Smurf! :)

Joakim Högberg, Piteå 2004-11-08

Smurf section on FreeMiNT CVS

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