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  • Zero-X has been moved to the buried list. One of the original authors of Zero-X has explained that releasing the sources for this Atari application can only do them harm. Reason for this is that some of the algorithms from Zero-X has since been incorporated into PC programs they have written since. While this is sad news for fans of their Atari application, it is still good to receive an official statement.See project wishlist...
  • COPS sources now complete. In the first distribution of the COPS sources, it turned out that one directory with crucial files were missing. COPS has now been adapted to GCC by Frank Naumann and is now also part of FreeMiNT CVS! Thus it should not longer be considered to be orphaned anymore! Download the missing files here...
  • NEWSie 0.961 sources available! It turned out that the recently published sources were not most recent ones, but that has since been sorted out. Read more...
  • NEWSie sources available! Sources for this legendary Atari application has been made available under GPL! Thanks goes to RobM for contacting original author John Rojewski.  Read more...
  • GEMJing has a new maintainer At the time of the last site update, I forgot to mention that the sample player GEMJing now is maintained by Phillip Donzé. He did release his first version together with QiX, which was his addition to the GEMCandy Christmas Compo  Adopted projects...
  • COPS sources available! For the first time, there are sources available for an accessory control panel! Read more...
  • Running-2 sources available! This was supposed to become a first person shoot'em up, but seems to have been left in alpha state. Read more...
  • Platon (electronic CAD application by VHF Computer) and aMail (email client by Atack) has been added to the wishlist. Should you have any information about the status of these programs or know some of the original authors, please get in touch!
  • PopGEM sources updated. While this application still lacks a maintainer, it has still had another update. Read more...
  • The client aFTP has been added to the project wishlist. If you have information on the status of aFTP or its authors, do get in touch!
  • Egale status updated. The program is still orphaned, but the author is now willing to hand over the sources to anyone with ability to maintain it. Read more...
  • Start Me Up will not be developed further by Matthias Jaap.
    As there is another project going to create a BubbleGEM server, he will instead focus on MControl. Hence both BubbleGEM and Start Me Up are back on the project list.
  • MControl finds a new maintainer
    German programmer Matthias Jaap will release future versions of this program.
  • The sources for Free GEM has been updated
    • Only creating 1 window handle at a time
    • Use of WIND_CALC to determine windows work area (not assuming certain window border)
    • Speeded up redraws of the RAM indicator (a lot)
    • Free GEM is now completely idle when window is shaded
    • Free GEM will now also detect real window shading, and enter idle mode

    Both binaries and sources are available in the new archive, but you will need RSC from the original archive!

  • Teradesk released under GPL
    The legendary desktop replacement by Wout Klaren has been released under GPL, making it the first open source desktop for the Atari! What is most remarkable is however that Teradesk already found a new maintainer in Henk Robbers.
  • The sources for PopGEM has been updated
    Since the original source package on TOPP was from in between releases, some things weren't fully working. The program is now working again, and in addition to bugfixes the shareware limitations has also been removed.
  • SMU and BubbleGEM about to merge
    German programmer Matthias Jaap is planning to add the funtionality of BubbleGEM to the system utility Start-Me-Up. This means that yet another 2 projects initially created by Thomas Much will live on.
  • OLGA is no longer orphaned!
    Dutch programmer Henk Robbers has expressed that he wishes to maintain this project in the future. You might have stumbled upon Henk's name before, since he is also busy working on XaAES (freeware AES for MiNT) and TT-digger (disassembler).
  • TOPP forums now available!
    Now you can discuss things related to TOPP with other Atari users and coders. At this time there are 3 forums added:
    • Available projects A place to discuss what you would like to see fixed/added to projects available on TOPP
    • Help wanted This is where you can request of offer help to a project. Note: Not limited to TOPP projects!
    • Wishlist discussion Is there a program you would like to see revived? Do you know of a program with sources available? Do you know how to contact a programmer TOPP is looking for? Talk here!

-Enter the TOPP forums!


  • Added to orphans: PopGEM, FreeGEM -Sources have finally been found! :)
2002-08-22 2002-08-19 2002-08-18 2002-07-17
  • Added to orphans: CGen, TTF-GDOS, DBE Tracker, Bad Mood
  • MGIF is removed from wishlist for 2 reasons:
    1. Author intends to do more work on it
    2. Sources already available under GPL
  • Still commercial: Art For Kids
  • Gemini, the desktop, will not have sources released. No explanation or other response given.
  • Do you know of a working email address or url to Scott Sanders? (author of Atari compendium) Get in touch!
  • QED beta released by new maintainer: Heinisoft
  • Added to orphans: Sam-Edit 2, a sample editor in assembler
  • Moved to adopted: Qed -New maintainer is Heicho Achilles
The text editor QED has been in its current state for some time by now, but now it seems like things might change! Heiko Achilles (HeiNiSoftWare), author of Rational Sounds, has expressed that he intends to maintain the QED project from now on.
(Heiko in fact put some efforts into QED already 2 years ago, when he added support for syntax highlighting in a version that still is waiting to be released.)


  • Added to wishlist: 2nd life, Le Rédacteur, Timeworks, ZX-81 emulator
  • Slight additions to project information
  • FracIRC added to orphans
  • TelVT102 added to orphans
  • Doodle added to orphans
  • We are looking for the following authors current email addresses:
    • Gary Priest
    • Joergen Von Bargen
    • Holger Weets
    • John Rojewski
  • Added Megamax Modula-2 to the orphans
  • Added Fashion to the orphans
  • Added Simple Script to the wishlist
  • Égale is moved from wishlist to list of frozen applications. More info of project list page!
  • Supporters list updated again
  • First projects is now adopted! Keytab, by Thomas Much, will be continued by author Martin Elsässer :)
  • General site updates
  • Added a page listing the people who in any way are supporting this project. [Click here]
  • Updated wishlist with suggestions and info from Matthias Jaap and Herbert Walz. Thanks :)
  • Added screenshot for Infitra

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