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Supporters of TOPP
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Name Atari activity
Joakim Högberg AtarICQ & Atari Icon Library
Rob Mahlert Webmaster of Atari Users Net
ATARI.ORG Atari Community Site / Services
Rodolphe Czuba CT60, CT2
Lonny Pursell (Encom Software) AtarIRC, GFA XRef
Frank Naumann FreeMiNT kernel maintainer
Dan Ackerman STiK2, CAB.OVL, aICQ.OVL, BoinkOut2, GEMagnetic, PDAMaze
Johannes Hädrcih Webmaster of
Thomas Raukamp ST-Computer (chief editor)
Odd Skancke (Assemsoft) StringServer, textview, Configss, plip.xif, scc.xdd, rtl8139.xif, GSXB, es371.xdd/prg, sharp, snd_player
Matthias Jaap Webmaster of Up-To-Date, author of HP-Penguin
Benjamin Kirchheim ATOS-Magazine
Mark Duckworth Webmaster of
Martin Elsässer ACSpro, PCTOS/PCGEM libraries

What does it mean to support TOPP?
To support TOPP, in this regard means that you are backing up the TOPP-project actively or non-actively.We feel that it might make quite a difference to show the programmers that this is a task many of the known Atari players of today are embracing.