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What is this?
The list below will hopefully be something that is growing longer and longer! This is the place where formerly discontinued projects end up once new maintainers are found.

Name Description New maintainer Original author
COPS Control panel FreeMiNT developers [url] Sven & Wilfried Behne [url]
GEMJing Sample player/OLGA server Philipp Donzé [url] Götz Hoffart [url]
Equation Calculation 1.5 Calculates solution for x2+ p*x + q =0 Matthias Jaap [url] Matthias Jaap [url]
Keytab System utility Martin Elsässer [url] Thomas Much [url]
MControl System configuration tool Matthias Jaap [url] Joachim Fornallaz [url]
OLGA Object linking server Henk Robbers [url] Thomas Much [url]
Smurf Graphics applications FreeMiNT developers [url] Therapy Seriouz Software
Teradesk Desktop replacement Djordje Vukovic [url] Wout Klaren
Qed Text editor FreeMiNT developers [url] Christian Felsch [url]