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Cecile Harddisk driver Devpac 3.x David Godec
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Cecile was originally coded by the French developer David Godec, who might be a familar name for those that are familiar with the software from Centek. Cecile is now available under the General Public License (GPL) and David has written the following about the sources:
The comments in the sources are in French but should not be difficult to understand, and I didn't put a lot of comments anyway ;-) It requires Devpac 3.x to assemble if I remember well, the main source is obviously cecile.s and it will be necessary to modify 'incdir' include path statement to assemble it but people familiar with devpac shouldn't have problems with that I think... Of course it's still possible to contact me for further informations about the way the thing works.

Cecile 2.12 sources

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