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SuJi Search Utility C Gerhard Stoll [url]
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SuJi was originally written by Daniel Höpfl, but the latest patches was added by Gerhard Stoll. Below he gives a brief description of SuJi and its latest changes:
SuJi is a replacement for MGSEARCH which is bundled with MagiC, but it can also be used under other operating systems.
SuJi offers all the options that are offered by the original, but is IMO nicer.
Additionally SuJi can also search within files, which MGSEARCH cannot.
After Daniel Höpfl has released the sources I make some changes:
  • Window positions and sizes are saved.
  • A new search from the list can be made with Control-F.
  • Configuration of the list display with Alternate-O.
  • Output to the clipboard can be tailored to your requirements.

download SuJi sources + binaries

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